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ITA W: Neriman Özsoy – “I eat Nutella on match day”

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source: gazzetta.it; photo: Facebook.Imoco Volley

Alberto Rosa from “La Gazzetta dello Sport” made an interesting interview with the Turkish volleyball star, which plays in Imoco Conegliano. Of course, the word is about Neriman Özsoy.

Neriman Oszoy


We have singled out three interesting questions but if you want to read the rest click here.

What do you like and what don’t you like about your job?

Hmm.I like to feel the adrenaline while playing volleyball. Our work has many benefits: travel, meeting new people all the time, we come into contact with different traditions and cultures. On the other hand in the course of our careers we have to face difficulties alone and sacrifices. For me, for example, is very hard to be away from my family and friends.

Are you superstitious?

I cannot say superstitious, but I have some of my little ritual like listening the same songs, talk to my father and, I confess, I eat Nutella on match day. And it’s true: I like to wear shoes full of colors during the match (laughs).

What are your dreams?

No doubt to be a good mother, which is the biggest goal in my life, and to win a medal at the Olympic Games.” said Neriman.


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