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ITA M: Verona – Gavotto’s arrival official

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Its' been anticipated for a long time, but today Marmi Lanza Verona announced the hiring of Mauro Gavotto as the new opposite under the coach Bruno Bagnoli.


Mauro Gavotto

The opposite from Cuneo has played in the last eight seasons for Montichiari, then Monza, later Gabeca, he is now ready to dive into a new adventure with great motivation.

In our memory Gavotto was always the player who played great against us, now he is ours.”Gavo” has always been and is one of the top scorers of the last ten championships, I’m sure he will work well with the rest of the team that is formingStefano Filippi said.

Bagnoli has no doubts about his choice: “The technical design of the new team in my mind was already clear from the beginning, his position I chose carefully. Gavotto is an important figure of national and international volleyball, we can say we made a great deal. He made 5 000 points on offense and is on the third position among hitters in the last ten years. Gavotto represents the experience, the strength, not only from a technical standpoint but also from the cultural and persona perspective , so we have a very positive example for our youth. This should be great for our fans, and we should play good next season.

Mauro Gavotto was officially presented and said: “I closed a major cycle, I’m ready for this new commitment, which I immediately accepted with great enthusiasm. It will be nice to play in an arena with so much fans, and I am very happy with my choice because I’m also sure you are setting up a very good team with which we will entertain our audience, and play good volleyball. As always I will play for the fun, and this year I will do it before a good audience and a good team, it will be very tempting. My characteristic is to never give up, I have flaws and strengths in the field, but I always give everything, I like be friends with my teammates, I would say that I am a “buddy”. I remember great fans of the La Scala who met together after every game, and I thank you today for this wonderful welcome.

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