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ITA M: Italy’s secret to success – Osmany Juantorena!

by WoV
source: Photo: fivb.org

The first question that comes to mind is – Have the Italian Volleyball Federation made the right choice a few months ago, when they decided to call Cuban player Osmany Juantorena to the Italian national team? Let’s see.



Osmany gladly accepted the call and his contribution to Blengini’s side was really a huge. He brought some new energy to the team. We don’t have to mention his excellent reception, strong serves and spikes…

In his first official game, he scored 14 points as Italy beat Canada at the FIVB World Cup. It was pretty much clear that he will be a very good reinforcement to “Azzuri”.

He was among the top scorers in his team in the first three matches. Then, the match against USA was in the center of attention.

Juantorena was a big disappointment in this game. A lot of fans and media started being doubtful about the decision to call him to the national team. Many of them were saying that Italy don’t need Juantorena who scores 4 points in a clash against the rival who has the same goal – ticket for Rio 2016.

After this match, Juantorena started raising his level of play, had some good performances and he met another big rival –Russia. He was much better than in a game vs. USA.

For the first time since his arrival to the Italian national team, he scored more points than leader of the team, Ivan Zaytsev. Italy barely managed to beat Argentina, and his performance with 26 points was very pleasing!

Then, the decisive game came. The match against World Champions, Poland. Ticket for Rio 2016 was on the table. The winner of this clash was going to take it.

After the game against Poland, the haters had to stop being haters. Osmany Juantorena blew all critics and the decision of Feder volley to call this guy proved right! A member of Lube scored 25 points and Antiga’s side didn’t have solution for his magnificent performance. He simply knows how to play these matches. Ticket for Rio went to Blengini’s side! 

And, YES. It is definitely the right choice by Italian Volleyball Federation. Take a look Juantorena’s moves during the World Cup 2015.

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Rachele September 24, 2015 - 8:15 pm

I have to say that I don’t totally agree with you. I mean, Osmany was an incredible add for our team, but I think that the changes was bring by Giannelli, he is way better then Travica, but most important he works for the team, otherwise Travica was a very negative presence for the team. So I think that the changes were bring by Giannelli and Blengini who was able to control and guide this group in the best way possible. (Obviously Osmany is a great help :), but we also have an amazing libero and obviously Zaytzev who was always the main spiker of our team)


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