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NORCECA: Coaches commented on high level of Men’s Pan American Cup

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source: norceca.net; Photo: norceca.net

Coaches of the teams that will take part at the VIII Senior Men’s Pan American Cup commented about their expectations for the tournament to begin on Monday.

Coaches commented about team expactations

Coaches commented about team expactations

After their introduction at the General Technical Meeting on Sunday all of them shared the same comments about the high level competition that lies ahead.

Alejandro Grossi (Argentina): 

“The Senior Pan American Cup is a very prestigious tournament. Some of our players are very young and we pretend that they can achieve a higher experience.”

Roberley Leonaldo (Brazil): 

“It is a very interesting competition. We have some players of the main team but also some guys of the U23 category and hope it can be helpful for the Age Group World Championship we will host in Brazil”.

Osiel Vázquez (Dominican Republic): 

“One year ago we won a bronze medal. Our goal is to be back on the podium and get the chance to contend at the World League qualification tournament again.”

Sergio Hernandez (Mexico): 

“We are much honored to host this competition. It is a great responsibility. We have some players with proved experience and we expect they can contribute to reach the World League qualifier.”

David Alemán (Puerto Rico): 

“I have a new task with the male team, with new players and some veterans. We have practiced for the last seven months and we hope to have a good performance at this Pan American Cup.”

Gideon Dickson (Trinidad and Tobago):

 “We are very thankful to be in this tournament. It will be a competition with high standards. We are going to take each game as it comes.”

Shawn Patchell (United States of America): 

“I’ve been involved in this tournament for three years. We won last year. We have a very different team with three players returning but expect to win. We are getting acclimated to the high altitude, and are excited to be here”.

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