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AVC M: Kalleh wins with supremacy again

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Kalleh downed Liaoning Club in the Asian Club Championship game 3:0. Mr. Ataei and Mr. Suishengsheng gave their statements. Find all relevant news from volleyball world on worldofvolley.com.


Kalleh – Liaoning Club

The head coach of Kaleh, Mr. Ataei, commented: “Liaoning Club is a good team and at the beginning of the play we put so much pressure on them in a way that we made them change their tactics to revive. I actually do not believe of thinking the team as weak or strong, but to think of playing with full potential. As I said before that each play is like a final one for us and we do not actually seek any special record. All I try is to show good techniques and performance.

On his player’s mistakes on serves, he explained: “Against those teams with good attacks and serves, it can be opposed by good serves. Working with high risk will carry some mistake naturally. Unfortunately my players were not as strong in the third set as the first one. I am not satisfied with my players. They played the first two sets with power and stopped trying in the third set keeping this in mind that they are surely the winner and this is a very big mistake. They should play with full potential until the last moment.

Liaoning Club’s coach, Mr. Suishengsheng, had to say: ”Our setter did not play because of his injuries and that is why we changed our tactics. I am proud of my players though we lost.

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