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AVC M: Toyoda Gosei Trefuerza with straight victory

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Toyoda Gosei Trefuerza won South Gas Club in straight sets in the fifth day of Asian Club Championship. Head coaches from Toyoda Gosei Trefuerza and South Gas Club shared their thoughts. Read more volleyball news on worldofvolley.com.


Toyoda Gosei Trefuerza – South Gas Club

Head coach of South Gas Club commented the game: ”My team was rather tired today and could not perform a good play. The main reason why we lost was that the setter did not perform the given tactics. I don’t know why but may be it was because of tension and fatigue.

On thier next play, he added: “Probably we will play against Kalleh and there is no fear. Although I guess Kalleh will win the champion title but I hope that we would win.

Toyoda Gosei Trefuerza‘s coach words were: “If the reception is okay, the attack can also work. Against South Gas Club, we had a good ball-netting and we used from our turned balls. The shirt number 17 from South Gas Club  was appropriately analyzed and we knew actually that he is of the best spiker. We tried to stop him by our defense.

Toyoda Gosei Trefuerza – South Gas Club  3:0 (25-21, 25-17, 25-23)

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