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BLR W: Outsiders Pribuzhie BREST claim third title

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The players of Pribuzhie BREST claimed this weekend their third title in Belarus women’s national league after scoring two 3:0 home victories over pre-favorites Minchanka MINSK. The Championship series came to a close after four rounds with Pribuzhie – previously known as Kovrovshik – completing a memorable season which they had started as the underdogs and outsiders of the field.

Pribuzhie BREST

Pribuzhie BREST

The two home matches played by Pribuzhie in Brest turned into an easy task as the hosts showed a superb performance in defense as well as in attack, where Aksana Kavalchuk and Alina Butsko set the pace to steer their team to a rather unexpected gold medal. 
At the end of the Championship series, Aksana Kavalchuk was awarded as the MVP of this year’s national league while two players of Minchanka, Nadzeya Charnavets and Volha Palcheuskaya, received the prizes for the Best Blocker and Best Setter respectively.
The bronze medals went to the team of Atlant BARANOVICHI that needed four matches to end their playoff series with Zhemchuzhina Polesya MOZYR

List of honors 
1999/2000 Atlant BARANOVICHI 
2000/2001 Belbiznesbank (Minchanka) MINSK 
2001/2002 Kovrovshik (Pribuzhie) BREST 
2002/2003 Kovrovshik (Pribuzhie) BREST 
2003/2004 Belbiznesbank (Minchanka) MINSK 
2004/2005 Dinamo-Slavyanka MINSK 
2005/2006 Atlant BARANOVICHI 
2006/2007 Minchanka MINSK 
2007/2008 Atlant BARANOVICHI 
2008/2009 Atlant BARANOVICHI 
2009/2010 Minchanka MINSK 
2010/2011 Atlant BARANOVICHI 
2011/2012 Atlant BARANOVICHI 
2012/2013 Neman-GrGU GRODNO 
2013/2014 Pribuzhie BREST  

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