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Croatian Volleyball Federation Extends Contract with National Team Head Coach Cedric Enard

by WoV

The Croatian Volleyball Federation (HOS) has announced a contract extension with Cedric Enard, their Head Coach, amidst preparations for the challenging Final Four weekend of the Golden European League. On Saturday, June 24, the Croatian men’s volleyball team will compete at the SC Višnjik in Zadar against some of the most formidable European teams.

Photo: Croatian Volleyball Federation

While not favored to win, the team remains optimistic, as Frane Žanić, the president of the Croatian Volleyball Federation, expressed, “We may not be the favorites, but we have the potential to be a significant surprise. We aspire to depart from Zadar as champions.” He credits recent improvements in Croatian volleyball for successfully bringing major competitions, such as the European Championships, Challengers, and the Golden European League’s Final Four, to the country. Žanić took the opportunity to call upon volleyball enthusiasts and novices alike to support the national team, stating, “Our team deserves a larger audience.”

A key moment at the Final Four presentation was the renewal of the contract with Cedric Enard, a celebrated figure in international volleyball. Žanić views Enard as an expert whose skills and experience have been instrumental in shaping the team. “Cedric is a long-term choice, a man who has found a place for himself in Croatia, and a coach the team trusts,” Žanić declared.

Enard also expressed his delight at the continuation of the partnership. He has built strong relationships and trust within the team, crucial factors in fostering collective progress. “The blend of mentality, effort, and work is what I love about Croatia. We have shared goals, notably to reach the Challenger Cup and VNL, and we’ll strive for these together,” Enard emphasized.

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