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ESP W: Magdalena Kralikova – MVP of first weekend of final

by WoV
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Valeriano Allés Menorca Volei won the first two games of the final of the Super League. In both games the outstanding performance showed the Czech center Magdalena Kralikova, who was elected the MVP.



The best spikers are Maria Angeles Martin (Haro Rioja Volley), Maria Jose Garrido (Haro Rioja Volley) and Janine Sandell (Valeriano Allés Menorca Volei). Noelia Sanchez was excellent in reception with 84% efficiency on Saturday and 80% on Sunday.

Thanks to 15 points in the first game she became the top scorer of the day. Esther Lopez (Valeriano Allés Menorca Volei) was voted the best libero with 89% efficiency.

During the first weekend of the final the best performance showed: the setter Yoraxí Melean (Valeriano Allés Menorca Volei), the opposite Sabrina Duarte (Valeriano Allés Menorca Volei), the receiver Noelia Sanchez (Haro Rioja Volley), the center Anicia Woods (Haro Rioja Volley), Magdalena Kralikova as the MVP and the libero Esther Lopez (Valeriano Allés Menorca Volei).

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