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WC M: Canada won after many troubles

by WoV
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Canada has scored the first win at the FIVB World Cup 2015 in Japan after five uncertain sets against Egypt.

Justin Duff of Canada spikes the ball


Egypt opened match much stronger than Canada (4-1). Schmitt and Co. made so many mistakes, especially in serve so at the first technical time out the result was 8-5 for Egypt. The opponents led 12-8 when the Canadian coach Glenn Arthur Hoag called time out. Egypt had 14-8 when Canada made series of 1-10 for the leadership of 18-15. Canada came first to the set point and Schmitt’s spike gave his team the set 25-22.

The second set was quite tight. Teams played point by point until 10-10 and after two good actions of Egypt, they led 12-10 and 16-14. Canada made new series of 4-0 for 18-16. The last point Canadians won thanks to the challenge system. New equalization was at 23-23 and Gavin Schmitt ended the second set 25:23 and 2-0 for Canada.

The third set was uncertain until end. Egypt played on the high level, they led during the whole set 13-10, 16-13, 18-14 23-19. Ahmed Salah Abdelhay won set point for Egypt 24-20 but Thakil made mistake in service. At the end Hassan‘s spike brought Egypt 25-21. 

After big fight at the beginning of the fourth set, Canada equalized 6-6 and Egypt needed to call time out. That moment was crucial because the guys started to play without mistakes. They led 20-17 but Canada equalized on 24-24. Egypt used the second set ball for 2-2 (26-24).

Tie-break was very tight from the beginning. Teams have played point by point but Canada had lead when they changed the sides (8-7). With strong attack of Nicholas Hoag they had new lead but Abdalla blocked for 10-10. Moneim‘s spike brought Canada new lead 12-10 and Egypt needed to call time out. Canada played as nothing happened before, they were unstoppable. First Hoag, then Frederic Winters brought match point 14-11 and Schmitt hammered for 15-12.

Best scorer in Canada was Schmitt  with 21 points while Abdelhay scored 36 for Egypt

WC Standings

WC Standings


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