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Pocket Radar – Make your servers better!

by WoV

Serving is very important part of volleyball. If you have good servers, the odds for winning a match will be on your side. But, have you ever wondered how to make your servers better? We have a solution for you – Pocket Radar!



What is Pocket Radar?

Pocket Radar is small device that will help you make your servers better! This device simply defines how good your servers have to be. 

How it works?

Pocket radar incorporates speed measurement into practices to motivate servers to find their ideal mechanics and speed ranges. A server gets a feedback with the radar and seeing the result, gives him an idea of what a successful serve should feel like. Radar will continue to provide instant actionable data straight to coaches and more important the players as they continue to develop their serving mechanics and contact. 

What Pocket Radar does?

– measures your serve (speed)

– shows how to improve serve technique

– shows you how to control the pace of the serve

– helps to improve serve accuracy

– motivate servers to find their ideal mechanics and speed ranges

– makes your serving practice more interesting

What coaches say about Pocket Radar?

“We have been working hard to improve our serving game; improving technique, watching video, using statistics, simulating pressure,… Introducing Pocket Radar into our gym was the next step; it has forced us to raise the bar, forced us to think about things in a different way and helped us to realize how we can serve” – said John Dunningthe coach from Stanford University (4 national championships). 

Keeping possession, controlling the pace and executing your service game plan is a key factor in determining the outcome of a match.  The great players practice and train with the same intensity as if they were facing a real opponent.  I cannot stress enough the importance of utilizing instant objective feedback, which is where a tool like the Ball Coach radar is invaluable.  It provides accessible data right at your fingertips as you work to improve speed and accuracy, while developing which mechanics work best.  If you are looking to strengthen your serve game and keep the opponent off-balance, the Ball Coach radar is a must have training tool.” 

WoV code for discount on Pocket Radar

WoV code for discount on Pocket Radar

There are three items that can help train your servers on a consistent basis: a radar gun, a white board and a chart to measure varying serve types. The radar gun will help develop target speeds with the athletes.” – Tom Black, USA Women’s national team Assistant Coach. 

How to order:

In order to improve your game, WorldofVolley.com in association with PocketRadar has prepared a special offer for you: use WoV discount code when ordering from PocketRadar.com or from here and get a $30 off special discount!

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