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FRA M: Emmanuel Ragondet speaks of the “pressure”

by WoV
source: actuvolley.com

Emmanuel Ragondet spoke of the Tours Game with Chaumont and the pressure, Supercup game against Rennes, Dillies' injury.


Emmanuel Ragondet

Nobody really imagined that the champion would lose at home, but Emmanuel Ragondet, impressive at this game, admits that the pressure was there: “There was a little fear from this game after Tuesday’s game (in Supercup against Rennes) where we left a lot of nervous energy. To this was added Dillies injury (…) and in front of us was this strong team.”

“It was rough for a set and a half, but when you win the fourth set 25-12, you can not be dissatisfied. One must be able to understand that against a team like Chaumont, you must give your best Emmanuel Ragondet said.

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