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WC M: Unbreakable! Huge comeback of Poland against Iran!

by WoV
source: Photo: fivb.org

Poland were down by two sets against Iran but then the red and whites performed a huge comeback which might be worth an Olympic ticket! Poland - Iran 3-2 (20:25, 23:25, 25:15, 25:20, 15:11).



It was probably the most exciting game so far at the FIVB World Cup 2015. Not just because of five sets, but because of the big rivalry between these two teams. Iran and Poland gave everything they got to win this match… At the end, Polish fans will celebrate this Saturday.  

On the other side, Iranian supporters are probably still wondering how their team managed to lose this match. Squad of Slobodan Kovač were two sets in front, they were deadly from the service line, completely focused in defense, and they had Saeid Marouf who was the conductor of this perfect orchestra.

But, then everything changed in the third set. Stephane Antiga made the crucial substitution when he sent Mateusz Mika on the court to form a receiving line with Michal Kubiak. Together with fantastic Bartosz Kurek three of them started breaking Iranian defense from every corner.

Poland won the third set quite easily (mostly thanks to excellent serves of Bartosz Kurek), while the fourth set was just a bit more exciting. Once again, the red and whites had the lead from the start, but Iran approached to 21:20… And remained there! Poland won 4 points in a row and seized the set – 2-2. It was time for the tie-break.

Poland opened the last set with 3:1, Iran tied at 3:3, Kurek and Co. then took three points in a row for 6:3. It was even +4 for Poland at one point – 9:5… The only thing Iran managed to do is to reduce the margin to 12:10. But, Kurek scored for 13:10, Mika for 14:11 and at the end Mirzajanpour sent the ball out for 15:11.

Standing: USA 4-0 (12 pts.), Poland 4-0 (11 pts.), Italy 3-1 (9 pts.),Iran 2-2 (7 pts.), Russia 2-1 (6 pts.), Argentina 2-1 (5 pts.), Japan 2-1 (5 pts.), Canada 1-2 (2 pts.), Egypt 0-3 (2 pts.), Venezuela 0-3 (1 pt.), Tunisia 0-3 (0),Australia 0-3 (0).

World Cup 2015 – DAY 4 / Male / Seniors ALL GAMES

Date/Time Teams Set Result per set
12. 09. 2015 12:10 USA vs Italy 25:18, 25:23, 29-27
12. 09. 2015 12:10 Poland vs Iran 18:25; 23:25; 25:15, 25:20, 15:11
12. 09. 2015 15:10 Australia vs Egypt  
12. 09. 2015 15:10 Tunisia vs Venezuela  
12. 09. 2015 18:40 Russia vs Argentina  
12. 09. 2015 19:20 Japan vs Canada  

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