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LIVE from Krakow: Lube take bronze, Resovia finish F4 empty handed!

by WoV
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Lube Civitanova is the winner of the bronze medal match at the Final Four in Krakow! They defeated Resovia in five sets to grab a medal! Top scorers: Resovia - Kurek 25 pts; Lube - Juantorena 18



Cucine Lube Banca Marche CIVITANOVA had great expectations for the Final Four in Krakow but they have to be satisfied with the consolation prize – bronze medal.

Read full play by play coverage:

10:15 – It is all over! Lube win bronze medal!

10:14 – Jaeschke scores….

9:12 – Witczak keeps hopes of Resovia

8:12 – Holmes makes mistake from the service line

6-10 – Juantorena keeps Lube ahead of Resovia

4:8 – Stankovic stopps Kurek

4:7 – ACE by Priddy

4:5 – Another mistake by Fei

3:5 – Gift from the other side, mistake by Fei

2:5 – Kurek hits the net

2:4 – Akhrem finds the corner

1:3 – Stankovic grounds Akhrem

1:2 – Podrascanin’s strong serve confuses Resovia’s defense

1:1 – It is going to be uncertain tie-break 

5th SET

Triple block of Lube

Triple block of Lube

22:25 – Lube ties in sets!

22:24 – Akhrem saves the first set point

21:24 – Priddy again blocks Kurek! Three set points for Lube

21:23 – Now Stankovic blocks Akhrem

21:22 – Priddy stopps Kurek!

21:21 – Mistake by Tichachek, double touch. Time out Kowal

21:20 – Kurek sends ball wide

20:19 – Good set by Podrascanin, Juantorena likes it

20:18 – Strong spike by Kurek, ball touches the block and goes out of bounds

19:17 – Jaeschke scores amazing point for new two-point lead

18:17 – Stankovic keeps Lube in race

18:16 – Holmes blocks Juantorena

17:15 – Afte the point of Resovia, Blengini calls for time-out

16:15 – Resovia have the lead at the 2nd TTO

14:14 – Akhrem ties the score. He has 16 points so far

13:14 – ACE! Marko Podrascanin

13:13 – Service error by Kurek 

13:12 – Another good move by Bartosz Kurek

12:11 – Dryja with a good move

11:11 – Tichachek sets good ball for Kurek, who scores 20th point so far in this match

10:10 – Fei sends ball out of bounds

9:10 – Holmes stops Podrascanin. It was his 6th block point

8:10 – Bartosz Kurek hits the line!

5:8 – Lube have the answer! They came back with 5-1 scoring run to take the advantage at the second TTO

4:3 – Three points in a row for Resovia for the lead

1:2 – Holmes scores first point for Resovia in the fourth set

0:1 – Fei brings the lead to Lube


Akhrem attacks

Akhrem attacks

25:22 – Again serve error! Resovia have the lead in sets 2-1!

24:21 – CEbulj makes service mistake

23:21 – Resovia have huge advantage now

21:21 – All tied! Lube don’t want to surrender

21:19 – Akhrem with a good attack!

20:19 – Juantorena keeps Lube in race

20:18 – Nice serve by Russell Holmes!

18:18 – Juantorena hits the net from the service line

17:18 – But, Lube quickly make turnaround!

17:16 – Three points in a row since the Technical time out! Now Akhrem scores

16:16 – Holmes with a stunning block

14:16 – Lube have the lead at the 2nd TTO

13:14 – Pashytskyy with a service mistake

12:13 – Cebulj makes service mistake but after video challenge the referee change decision

12:11 – Akhrem brings the lead for Resovia again

11:9 – Ace! Bartosz Kurek

10:9 – Stankovic stops Akhrem

10:7 – Juantorena wide with the serve

9:7 – Kurek hits the wall!

8:4 – Lube’s players didn’t hear Blengini’s advices obviosly! Resovia have four point lead at the first TTO

7:4 – Resovia’s block works perfectly right now. Blengini calls for time out

6:4 – Holmes grounds Juantorena

5:4 – Christenson corrects his mistake from the previous rally! Great volleyball dump shot

5:3 – Net touch! Micah Christenson makes mistake

4:3 – Resovia is leading in the second set after Kurek’s spike


Resovia vs. Lube

Resovia vs. Lube

27:25 – Block by Resovia! Kowal’s side ties the score!

26:25 – Akhrem creates a point from the impossible situation!

25:25 – Fei saves!

25:24 – Now Resovia have the first set point! Podrascanin stopped!

24:24 – Akhrem saves it!

23:24 – First set point for Lube! Time out by Kowal

22:23 – Kurek hits the block! Lube lead – time out for Resovia

22:22 – All tied! Juantorena

22:21 – Three points in a row for Resovia! They have now the lead

21:21 – Kurek ties the score! Time out by Blengini

19:20 – Great attack by Pashytskhy

17:18 – What a point by Akhrem! He tricks Lube’s triple block

16:18 – REsovia calls for time out after point of Lube

15:16 – Lube have the advantage at the second TTO

14:15 – Fei! Good attack from Italian player

12:13 – Mistake by Akhrem, one-point lead for Lube

11:11 – Kurek ties with a good reaction

10:10 – Christenson makes service mistake

9:9 – Juantorena ties

9:8 – Resovia take the lead

6:8 – Kurek sends ball wide for Lube’s two-point lead at the first Technical time out

6:7 – Stankovic scores to keep Lube ahead!

1:1 – Serve error by the American player

1:0 – Ace serve! Thomas Jaeschke opens the set with a good strike from the service line




20:25 – ACE! juantorena finishes this part of the match in style!

20:24 – Juantorena creates first set point for Lube

19:23 – Mistake by Akhrem

19:22 – Great move by Drzyzga!

18:22 – Fei leads Lube close from taking the first set. Again time-out for host team. Niki Penchev enters the court

17:20 – Three points of advantage for Lube after Stankovic’s point. Time out Resovia

17:19 – Fei sends ball wide from the service line

16:17 – Drzyzga blocks Cebulj to decrease the lead of the rival. Blengini calls for time-out

13:16 – Lube still have three-point lead. Podraščanin scores 16th point of the Italian side

8:11 – What a point by French libero!!! Jenia Grebennikov tricks whole defense!

7:10 – Jaeschke makes service error

4:8 – Podraščanin with a good block! Lube go to the first TTO with 4-point lead

4:6 – Kurek on the other side

3:6 – Juantorena keeps Lubea ahead…Great pipe

2:4 – Good first tempo by the host team

1:4 – Klemen Čebulj stops Kurek

1:2 – First point for Resovia. Akhrem hits Grebennikov in the chest

0:2 – Another good reaction by Lube’s players

0:1 – The opening point goes to Lube! Good block by Podrascanin.


14:45 (CET) Fei will replace Miljkovic in starting six.

14:44 (CET) Everything is set for the third place match!


Game Date/Time Teams Set Result per set Stats Videos
3rd place match 17. 04. 2016 14:45 Asseco Resovia RZESZOW vs Cucine Lube Banca Marche CIVITANOVA 2:3 20:25; 27:25; 25:22; 22:25; 10:15    
Final – 1st place match 17. 04. 2016 18:00 Zenit KAZAN vs Diatec TRENTINO 0:0      

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