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WL 2016, LIVE from Krakow: France on podium again, win bronze medal after sweeping Italy

by WoV

It seems that semifinal defeat struck Italy far stronger than France. “Team Yavbou” managed to recover from losing to Brazil yesterday and demolished unmotivated and obviously more tired Italy 3-0 (25-23, 25-21, 25-20).

Italy, who suffered tie-break defeat to Serbia in semis, was a worthy opponent only in the first set and partially in the third. Thus, France took their third medal in the World League, first bronze, completing the set of all three possible medals at the tournament.

Top scorers: FranceAntonin Rouzier 14 pts; ItalyIvan Zaytsev 8 pts.

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25:20 – Bronze medal goes to France after good finish of Marechal

24:20 – Vettoris destroys Le Roux! But, VEttori makes footfault, video check confirms it

23:20 – Le Goff!

22:20 – Rouzier sends ball out of bounds! But, after video check, point went to France

21:20 – Antonov stops Ngapeth! Tillie asks for time out

21:19 – Antonov with a strong finish

21:18 – Long contact with the ball of Vettori

20:18 – Blengini’s side is stil in race after this spike of Lanza

20:17 – Ngapeth again!

19:16 – Magnificent finish of Earvin Ngapeth! He likes these situations

18:15 – Italians are trying to stay in race

18:14 – Marechal with a good finish

17:14 – Rouzier scores and then makes serving mistake

16:12 – Le Roux for the big lead at the 2ND TTO

15:12 – Ngapeth with a huge mistake

15:11 – Rouzier!

14:10 – Big lead of TeamYavbou

12:10 – Lanza with the mistake

11:8 – Mistake by the Italians

10:8 – Le Goff is punishing the defense of Italy

8:6 – Italy want to stay in race

8:4 – Big lead of France! They are marching to the bronze

5:2 – France with a big lead

4:2 – Two quick points! France have big lead

2:2 – All even at the beggining of the third set



25:21 – Rouzier with the ace

24:21 – Marechal again!

23:21 – Marechal with a good solution

22:21 – Mistake by Le Roux. Hits the net

22:20 – Two-point lead of France

21:20 – Zaytsev misses from the service line

20:20 – Ivan Zaytsev on the other side

20:19 – Le Roux with a good first tempo spike

19:18 – WOOOOOOW! What a point! Italians couldn’t believe that France saved one ball, they were waiting for the reaction of the referee but he let the game continue, afterwards, Ngapeth scored

18:18 – All even! Mistake by the Italians

16:17 – Rouzier ends it

15:17 – Two point lead of Italy

15:16 – Giannelli! ACE

*Rouzier steps on the third meter line. Point goes to Italy. The rally will be repeated after all. Video chechk confirms it

15:15 – Ngapeth has been stopped. It was difficult way for him

15:14 – Piano on the other side

15:13 – Le Goff finishes it strong

13:13 – Rouzier’s serve mistake

12:12 – Zaytsev scores, Le Goff is telling something to Marechal. He is not satisfied with his moving

11:11 – Giannelli stops MArechal

11:10 – The ball goes out after  Ngapeth’s serve

10:8 – Ngapeth with another good move

9:7 – ACE by LE Goff

8:7 – Rouzier with the good reaction

5:6 – Good move by Pujol

4:6 – Block out! Italy with two-point lead again

2:4 – And again!

2:3 – OUT! Marechal

2:2 – Ball goes out after Ngapeth’s serv

2:1 – Rouzier creates new lead of France



25:23 – Ngapeth again! Tillie’s side lead 1-0

24:23 – NGapeth creates first set point for France! Time-out for Italy

23:23 – Serve mistake by Cuban born player

20:21 – Juantorena with a spike! Italy lead again

18:19 – France couldn’t receive Zaytsev’s serve, ball bounces back to Giannelli who finishes with a strong spike

18:17 – Not that good move of Lanza

16:16 – Revenge of Zaytsev! Pujol powerless

16:15 – Pujol stops Zaytsev

14:15 – Marechal with the miss

14:14 – All even

12:12 – Serve mistake for Ivan Zaytsev

11:12 – Juantorena keeps the lead

10:11 – Ivan Zaytsev scores

8:7 – France with the lead at the first TTO after asking for video check

6:7 – Juantorena wins the point!

6:6 – ITaly tie

6:5 – France have the lead

1:2 – Rouzier scores first point for France

0:2 – Toniutti is not playing but Ngapeth is on the court


16:37 – Toniutti and Ngapeth probably won’t play today! 


Game Date/Time Teams Set Result per set Stats Videos
  17. 07. 2016 17:30 Italy vs France 0:0      

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