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Jordan Larson – “American in Russia”

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source: fivb org: Photo: fivb.org

Hamburger and Borsh, Starbucks-Coffee and Samovar, Nebraska and Kazan; let’s confess, almost nobody would see any connection between these things. Jordan Quinn Larson – Burbach, however, does. The 27 years old universal player lives between two worlds, in more than just one aspect – and the reason is the big passion for volleyball.


Jordan (left)

Almost everybody knows the old stories from the Cold War between the two world powers, Uncle Sam and the old Bear. Jordan Larson-Burbach, however, doesn’t take too narrow the view of this: “I really enjoy it in Kazan. I already feel a little bit like a Russian, even though I don’t speak really well the language. The people are so friendly.” The US national player can’t wrap up in secrecy her problems with the Pushkin’s and Dostoevsky’s language: “Although I’ve been playing already some time here in Kazan, I still have some problems with Russian. I think it’s quite hard to learn it, but I’m so glad that my teammates help me with this.”


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