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Matt is not the only one, many athletes suffer from depression

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Matt Anderson has admitted that he is suffering a depression and that he has to stop playing the game for a while. But, he is not the only one with this problem. Many top athletes have been facing it…



Some of the most famous ones are boxer Mike Tyson, then swimmer Ian Thorpe, tennis player Serena Williams… Reasons were various, but experts claim that among athletes the most usual case is that they fall in depression because they are far away from family. Just like Matt Anderson.  

Neil Lennon, famous football player has also suffered from a depression and by his words it was the most difficult period in his life.

Being depressed is one thing, having depression is another. It’s an illness. The reaction of a lot of players was, ‘What’s he got to be depressed about?’ but it’s not about that, it’s an illness. My two sisters, my mother and some aunts and uncles have also been through it. Until you’ve experienced it yourself, you can’t really explain it to someone. I was just vacant. People think strong, young men shouldn’t be depressed. But if you have the flu, you take something for it. If you have a broken leg, you take something for it. If you have depression, you go see someone to get something for it.  It’s the worst period of your life you can go through. I guarantee you can take on anything after that. When you come out the other side, you feel a stronger person. You enjoy your life so much more. Everything in life is a bonus now” said Lennon for Daily Mail.

The subject is very serious. There always a question – are professional athletes more prone to depression, because of their way of life? No one was able to answer on this question so far. 


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