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RUS M: Fakel (Novy Urengoy) – Lokomotyv (Kharkiv) 3:1

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Fakel Novy Urengoy defeated Lokomotyv Kharkiv 3:1 in the Russian Super League. Lukas Zigadlo made mistakes. Vladimir Melnik played a good game. Yuri Filippov and Ferdinando De Giorgi were satisfied.


Fakel Novy Urengoy – team

The key in today’s game was not to repeat the mistakes. Fakel was eager to prove that last year’s failure was no more than a fluke. They took this match very seriously, the team was aimed to take the full three points and no compromise was going to be considered!

Locomotyv is the basis for the national team of Ukraine and is a real force! The team demonstrated its ambitions, theycame with a clear objective – to score points on a guest court!

Lukasz Zygadlo made mistakes. Yuri Filippov had no other options, except how to take time out. Titich, Bakun and Kritsky played well and Fakel got to the first technical time out 8:4. In the middle of the set the teams were equal. Fakel went – 16:12 to the second technical time out. In the end Rudnitsky slightly reduced the gap – 23:21. But Fakel looked very confident. Melnik brought his team the set point, which Anton Astashenkov used – 25:22, to win the first set!

On the start of the second set, teams exchange effective attacks. For Fakel Bakun finished most of the attacks, helped by Melnik. On the first technical time-out Fakel has a minimal advantage – 8:7. Mid-set, the owners better manage the site. Bakun and Astashenkov stepped up and it’s 16:13 on the second technical break. After a timeout of Locomotyv had a great segment! Tatarintsev, Tyutlin and Ivanov are confident in attack and the result is tied, 18:18. Bakun produces two points for his team and an advantage – 23:21 to end the set. However, Lokomotyv comes to 24:23. Discouraged by this development Fakel lost this set 27:25!

Not satisfied,   started the third set with a barrage of assault! There was a series of attacks by Bakun and Titich. Vladimir Melnik had a great segment after this, to bring four of his points and – 10:6 on the scoreboard. Fakel continued to increase the advantage. It was 16:9 on the second technical time out. The winning point in the third set was an ace by Vladimir Melnik – 25:16, more than convincing for Fakel!

The fourth set was a logical continuation of the third. Fakel didn’t make mistakes. From the first ball they took the initiative, They didn’t let the opponent to come near! 8:6 and 16:12 were the results for the first and the second technical time out. Bakun won the point for the win – 25:16, in total 3-1! Three points in the bank for Fakel!

Total team statistics showed that Fakel looked favorable on the block (11 successful blocks to 3), the attack (57% of the attack against 48%) and slightly better filed (5 aces with 18 errors against three aces at 18 errors). Lokomotyv, however, showed better percentage on admission (59% positive and 23%, reception against 47% and 23%).

The best player for Fakel was Kostyantyn Bakun, he scored 23 points (22 in the attack and one on the block). For Lokomotyv it was was Sergei Tyutlin, he had 24 points (23 in the attack and one on the block).

Lokomotyv head coach Yuri Filippov: “First of all I would like to congratulate Fakel for the well-deserved victory. I must admit that today they were stronger than us in every aspect. We didn’t play as a team.  Even our victory in the second set is the result of successful actions of one player. It’s the beginning of the tournament, and I’m sure we’ll be adding from match to match in teamwork and reliability. We hope that Frank Depestele will give our young players an additional charge of self-confidence!

Fakel head coach Ferdinando De Giorgi:We took the three points today – this is a positive result! But this game is far from ideal – it is a reason to work harder and we are definitely going to do it! After losing to Iskra we did not believe that it was an accident, and after today’s victory we will not believe that we are the champions. We have a game with defending champion of Russia Zenit Kazan and if we want to bring the points from this trip – the team will have to mobilize its forces!

Fakel player Vladimir Melnik: “It’s always most difficult to improve interaction between a setter and the attackers. This is a very delicate process, feeling comes only with time, and it doesn’t work to force it. I hope this phase will not last in our team. I am sure that with each game the team play better! This season there are no weak teams in the Russian league. This is the strongest championship in the world and each contestant must adjust and fight in full force! That’s the only way to achieve a positive result!

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