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RUS M: Marichev – “Men’s volleyball is more dynamic, I won’t return to female volleyball”

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source: sport-express.ru; Photo: РИА Новости/championat.com

Yuriy Marichev was very much criticized after the 2016 Olympic Games since the Russian Women’s Volleyball National Team failed to grab a medal. Even the Russian federation rated performance of ‘Zbornaya’ in Rio as unsuccessful. It all caused Marichev to embrace new challenge in his career, to move to the Men’s volleyball and join Dinamo Moscow.




“Unfortunately, we failed in the Olympics due to certain reasons. But there were also things that we managed to make – a fast game, a lot of pipes, good triple block. These elements are from Men’s volleyball. Now, I meet many players with pleasure, I wish them good luck. There are highly workable players – Goncharova, Kosheleva, Pankova, Malova, Zaryazhko, Fetisova … They are ready to train a lot to bring victories to the national team. I’m grateful for their work. Unfortunately, not everything happens as you imagine. Male volleyball is more dynamic, more exciting. Men’s Club World Championship is much more interesting than Women’s – there are many equal teams, the results are often unpredictable. This is my point of view,” Marichev explained for “Sport-Express” why he has chosen to switch from Women’s to Men’s volleyball.

“I listened to a lot of criticism, and it was 99 percent correct. A federation gave a negative assessment to the Women’s national team. They expected more from us, that we could perform better. We did not have luck with the draw: we could get The Nteherlands, with whom we played many times and almost never lost to. We burned out in the game with Serbia. The coach must correctly accept comments and draw the right conclusions,” Marichev spoke of performance of the Russian NT in Rio.

He claims that he will not return to working in Women’s volleyball in some time soon…

“Theoretically not! At the moment this is my decision. I need to digest everything. Do you know what’s the difference between Women’s and Men’s volleyball? Now, I come to the team and I can introduce such things as a joint reception, a triple block, a very fast game. Men’s volleyball is more ready for this, players don’t need to be taught, while in Women’s volleyball you have to tell players how the legs should stand, how the hands should stand, in which situation you make triple block, in which you don’t…” Dinamo Moscow coach added.


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