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Fitness by Alessandro Bracceschi: Single pull-ups is one of the most hard free body exercises

by WoV
author: Alessandro Bracceschi

Technically is not so difficult: hold with a reverse grip a fix bar overhead with one single hand, and with the other hand grab the wrist of the first one in a way that you can see the nails of your fingers. This and other volleyball news read on Worldofvolley.com.


Single pull-ups

The exercise begins with the body hanging with a straight arm. First pull the shoulder in order to move the shoulder blade down and inside and stabilize the shoulder joint; second pull up strong your body with both arms. Try to not rotate the body and control the shoulder position. If you can perform fully a single repetition controlling all the way up and down is already a really good strength power exercise.

Well one of my player is able to make 5 single full repetitions!!

Check this out!!



ALESSANDRO BRACCESCHI (Fano, Italy 16/07/1980) 
– Degree in accounting (I.T.C Battisti, Fano 1998)
– Degree in Physical Education (with emphasis on Prevention/Rehabilitation)University of Urbino, Italy 2003

*2006-2007 Player and Athletic Trainer “Nuncas Piu Volley Chieri”
*2006-2007 Athletic Trainer “Pallavolo Torino” Men’s Division C, Italy
*2007-2008 Athletic Trainer “Santeramo Sport” Women’s Division A1, Italy
*2007-2011 Athletic Trainer Bulgarian Women’s National and Junior National Teams
*2008-present  Athletic Trainer “Vakifbank Gunes Sigorta” Women’s League 1, Turkey Champion’s League

Contact: bracceschi.alessandro@gmail.com Ita Tel N. 00393335848862  Tur Tel.N. 00905469496591

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