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How to work on your endurance for volleyball

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Although the volleyball court limits your area of free movement, you must have good endurance to be an effective member of your team. Volleyball involves many quick, shifty movements; in addition to, many jumps if you are playing close to the net. Therefore, incorporating cardiovascular training into your workouts will help you improve your volleyball endurance so that you do not become fatigued towards the end of a challenging match.



Step 1

Begin a regular jogging program to improve your endurance for volleyball. Jogging will improve the strength of your heart and the efficiency in which your blood can carry oxygen and nutrients to your exercising muscles. Set a schedule to jog at least three days per week for 30 to 45 minutes to improve your cardiovascular endurance.

Step 2

Include sprint training into your workouts to improve your volleyball endurance. Two to three times per week, find an open field or court and perform sprint workouts. Because volleyball involves short bursts of speed, you should limit your sprints to no more than 40 yards. Use a tape measure, or take 40 large steps to measure your distance, and then mark your end point. Perform at least 10, 40 yard sprints at your fastest running pace. Allow yourself 15 to 30 seconds of rest between sprints before you perform the next one. Increase the number of sprints you perform as your endurance improves, up to 30 sprints.

Step 3

Jump rope to improve your volleyball endurance. Because volleyball involves frequent jumping, jumping rope will improve the endurance of both your heart and lower leg muscles. Jump rope constantly until you tire, and then allow yourself 30 seconds of rest before jumping rope again. Set a schedule to jump rope for at least 20 minutes two to three times per week.

Tips and Warnings

– Allow yourself at least one day of rest per week.
– Apply ice to any sore or achy joints or muscles after your workouts.

Things You’ll Need

– Jump Rope

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