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WoV Tips: What is WoV stats?

by WoV

WorldofVolley is following more than 40 volleyball championships and almost every national team’s tournament around the world. From most of them we collect Data Volley Match Reports that scouts make during the game...

We use this data to classify it inside each WoV Community Club or Player’s Profile.

If you don’t find stats inside somebody’s profile, that means WorldofVolley doesn’t have an access to match reports from that championship or they don’t exist.

That’s how you get season’s and career’s information about some club or player’s stats. Check how your club’s potential player has played in the past or during the last season. This can also help you in taking your decision. You are about to spend an important money, right? Why not collect as much info as you can.


And one more thing, WorldofVolley cannot make nor alter the information we collect. So players, play the best you can! Wink


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