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“Fair Play. Volleyball Way” campaign launched in Vienna

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“Fair Play. Volleyball Way” is the slogan chosen for an innovative campaign that the CEV did officially unveil on Friday evening in Vienna to round off the program of the annual European Volleyball Gala. A special logo has been designed to accompany all activities planned for this campaign whose primary goal is to help promote the image of Volleyball as a clean and fair sport among the fans and the media.


André Meyer

This campaign is an action we want to share with all of our partners, and primarily with the national federations and clubs” says CEV President André Meyer. “If we want to stand the challenges of the present and future times, we need to stick together and work all together for the good of the sport. Only this way we can face any challenges as deep as the ocean and as high as the sky. Our recipe consists of commitment, devotion, total passion for the sport and teamwork, in and off the court, and this applies to both of our disciplines, Volleyball and Beach VolleyballMeyer continues.

The campaign focuses primarily on fair play and the image of Volleyball as a clean, non-violent sport. “We want to pursue and promote fair play in our own way” the CEV President stresses. “Our ultimate goal is to involve more and more young people in the sport by sharing a positive message that identifies the unique attributes of our sport”.

Questioned about the reasons for this campaign, Meyer says: “We wanted to emphasize one of the main features of our sport. In other disciplines fair play means that sportspeople do not complain or are not misbehaving. Volleyball is in this sense much different than any other sport for fair play is part of its quintessence. That’s why we will be promoting fair play in our own way, our Volleyball way” Meyer points out. “This will help us differentiate our sport from all other disciplines and focus on its strengths”.

Volleyball stands as a synonym for fair play and is a fair game by nature so this explains the slogan we have chosen and worked out for this innovative campaign” Meyer continues. “Volleyball is as clean as no other sport and our players can be taken as role models for the young generations. There’s no physical contact in Volleyball and with their behavior our players do always show the importance of teamwork and mutual assistance”.

To support the campaign a logo has been designed thereby complementing the CEV corporate identity with something special that conveys a message of harmony and balance. The logo will be the key visual used for any promotional and communication activity linked to the campaign. “This campaign will be extensively promoted by working closely with National Federations and clubs” stresses Mr. Meyer. “We will involve the media and the major stars of our sport and at the same time start negotiating with potential long-term partners who are willing to share our vision and goals. Our intention is to enhance our presence in schools and make sure that as many youngsters as possible take up our sport”.

The campaign will also focus on common social responsibility thereby stimulating national federations and clubs to join and support social causes similarly to what CEV has done by entering into a partnership with Special Olympics already last year.

We will immediately follow up on the launch of this campaign and start promoting it at the finals of the CEV Volleyball European League coming up in mid-July” the CEV President says. “We have got many Volleyball and Beach Volleyball competitions scheduled for this summer and this will help us spread this message around all over Europe. The final rounds of the European Championship in September and the next edition of the CEV Volleyball Champions League starting in October are next on our agenda” he concludes.

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