19. 06. 2014

Atanasijević: I like Poland so much, Iran fans are amazing, Miljković was my inspiration…

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Serbian opposite Aleksandar Atanasijević participated in an exclusive Q&A session with fans via Twitter. That was idea of the Serbian Volleyball Federation who embraced social media as a way to connect with its fan.


During a 24-hour promotional campaign on Twitter, fans from around the world were able to submit questions to Atanasijević using #AskBata. More than 110 questions were sent to Atanasijević, who was available for an hour to answer fans’ questions.

Here are some highlights of Atanasijević’s Twitterview:

@Zoka3130:  What was the best day of your life?

Atanasijević: When we won the Youth World Championship gold medal in Italy!

@Dani1517T:  How was your stay in Poland?  Would you like to come back here if you had the opportunity?

Atanasijević: I like Poland so much :)  I had the best moments of my volleyball career there and I can’t wait to be back for the World Champs!

@Alma_aleks:  Tell us about the days you were in Iran for the World League.  What did you do?!  Do you like this country?

Atanasijević: Iran fans are amazing - one of the best experiences in my life. I hope to go back to Iran to play new matches!

@AdsVolley:  Who is your best friend in the national team?

Atanasijević: We have great atmosphere in the team.  If I have to choose, I will pick up Majstorović, our new libero.  Crazy guy!!!!!


@Atanasijevic14:  What is your life motto?

Atanasijević:  Never give up and fight until the end.

@Lexie_NY:  The hardest thing on the court for you is?

Atanasijević:  Accepting that I will lose.

@PaulinaaaD:  Who is your inspiration?

Atanasijević:  Ivan Miljkovic has been a great source of inspiration.

@iva_ds87:  What was the most useful thing Andrija Geric taught the team on the mental strength course? Did you enjoy it?

Atanasijević:  Great that you know that Andrija is our mental coach!  Every day he tells us useful things!


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