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Ivan Miljkovic Highlights Record-Breaking NCAA Volleyball Game and the Sport’s Growth in the U.S.

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source: Linkedln/Ivan Miljkovic

Former Olympic Champion and Volleyball Legend Ivan Miljkovic recently took to his LinkedIn profile to share a remarkable update about a recent NCAA volleyball match held in the USA. The event saw an unprecedented gathering of 92,003 enthusiastic fans, setting a new benchmark for attendance in the sport.

Photo: Linkedin/Ivan Miljkovic

In his post, Miljkovic pondered the possibility of volleyball in the USA taking the lead on a global scale and propelling indoor volleyball to the forefront of women’s team sports worldwide.

Ivan Miljkovic wrote: “Is it possible for volleyball in the USA to lead the way globally and make indoor volleyball the number 1️⃣ team sport for women in the world?

Volleyball achieved an extraordinary milestone. At Lincoln’s Memorial Stadium, 92,003 fans created an electric atmosphere, etching volleyball history. This fervent display establishes a record as the highest-attended women’s sports event.

Here are some facts about volleyball in the USA today:

College Volleyball:

NCAA volleyball notably engages women in American sports. In 2013-14, 1,064 NCAA schools backed women’s volleyball, boasting 16,647 players across divisions. Conversely, men’s participation was limited, with 109 schools and 1,720 varsity men’s volleyball players.

NCAA Division III saw men’s volleyball surge from 13 to 113 teams by 2022. Women’s beach volleyball gained NCAA recognition in 2012, culminating in a 2016 championship. By 2022, 85 schools sponsored beach volleyball.

Current Landscape:

Volleyball ranks second for girls at the high school level. The Volleyball Festival is a notable draw. Boys’ volleyball burgeons with around 66,500 participants.

National Teams:

US national volleyball teams excel globally. The men clinched Olympic and World Championship gold, while the women secured similar victories. Most team members play internationally in Europe.

Professional Volleyball:

Professional volleyball faced hurdles. Beach volleyball leagues like AVP thrived, unlike indoor women’s leagues. National Volleyball Association (NVA) and Volleyball League Of America (VLA) nurture talent. Athletes Unlimited and League One Volleyball launched women’s indoor leagues celebrating talent, development and love.”

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