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FRA W: Clarisse one more year in Venelles

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The Brazilian outside hitter Clarisse Peixoto, decided to stay in Venelles for one more year, after very good season.


Clarisse Peixoto

Can you tell us a few words about your first season in France. How would you consider this experience?

– True, first time in France and I can honestly say it has been special for me and my family. Professionally speaking, it has been extremely interesting. I found here, at Venelles, nice people, a good coach who likes to work a lot at practices and beautiful girls with whom I share wonderful moments on the court. I found here, in France, my joy, my pleasure for playing volleyball, I am really happy with the choise of coming here!

Only a few persons know that you decided to be part of this team in the next season. When did you actually take this decision and what made you reconsider continuing contract with Venelles?

– Looking back, I realised that I have the habit of making commitments for longer time with one team. I believe it’s important to continue and follow your projects; we keep learning things about ourselves, we keep working constantly and becoming stronger! I was very happy when the club announced me that they’d like to keep me here for the next season, because I’m in love with Venelles, with people working for the club and I truly enjoy playing volleyball here. My first year here was special, but difficult in the same time, because I couldn’t speak the language, I didn’t know my coach, Hippo. We have a lot of time to get to know each other better in the upcoming season and we are going to set Venelles high on the French championship board. The club has set interesting objectives and I did as well, and I strongly believe we can share beautiful moments and performance together.

Did you have other offers?

-Yes, I had offers coming from Brazil, France and Turkey, but I chose with my heart and I chose Venelles. I feel I need to stay here, my work has just begun here and I feel there are plenty of things to accomplish here.

2012-2013 has just finished and might I say, it was a spectacular season – 6th place in the French league and well deserved 4th best scorer award. Tell us your professional goals and expectations from the upcoming season.

-Thank you, it was great for me. I made a good season, but I know I can play better than this. I’m going to work hard this summer and come back here in shape. I have to pay attention to vacation time, because I would like to be the best player in the league next season and I would like push Venellles among the best four French volleyball teams.

Which would be the club’s target the next season?

– We would like to place Venelles among the first four teams, attend the semi-finals and perhaps finals of French Cup. I believe this is possible with hard work.

What about personal plans? Are you going back home or are you planning a vacation in France?

– I’m actually on vacation, but I don’t feel it. I woke up this Monday with huge urge to go practice. It’s unbelievable, I’m extremely motivated to continue working. But I have to take a small break. Perhaps my mind is set up on volleyball, but my body is tired. I’m going back home, to Brazil, to see my family and my friends there and recharge my batteries with the Brazilian sun!

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