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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW FOR WOV: Aleksandar Bata Atanasijević

by WoV

The Serbian opposite Aleksandar Atanasijević in an exclusive interview for WorldofVolley speaks about his life in Perugia, about fans of Skra Belchatow, about girls etc. You will not regret if you read this story with Bata.

Are you satisfied with the life in Italy and how did you fit in the Perugia’s team?



The life in Italy is much easier than in Poland, for sure. I’m glad that I’m a part of the strongest league in the world in my opinion. That’s exactly the reason of my move to Italy, because there will be a lot of strong and tough matches where I could make my playing style better. It was easy for me to fit in, because there are five Serbian players in Perugia. From the moment I came here, I felt like I was at home” – said Atanasijević at the beginning of the interview for WoV.

What is the main goal of the Sir Safety Perugia in this season?

“We have a strong team, but not as strong as Trentino, Lube or Piacenza. We are enjoying every moment we spend on court and we are trying to beat every team in league. Our goal is to go as far as we can.”

How do you spending your free time in Perugia and with whom?

I’m hanging out with everyone. Of course, the most time I’m spending with the Serbs. But, every guy here is amazing and always ready to have a fun time”

Who is the best player in Italian Seria A at this moment?

“There are a lot of great players. I can’t choose any right now. But, Marko Podraščanin is one of the best”

Did you start learning Italian language?

I have motivation to learn but it is tough for me because we are using Serbian language here too. I will need more time and it would be easier for me if I could stay alone, without Serbs. I’m taking classes of Italian, for now it’s ok”

Which girls are the prettiest, Italian, Polish or Serbian?

“Every girl is beautiful in her own way. But if I have to choose, I will gave advantage to the Serbian girls”

Do you miss PGE SKRA Belchatow’s fans?

“Honestly, I’m really missing Skra fans. The moments I experienced there I would never experience anywhere in the world. I’m sure that fans of Skra are the best in the world and they really love its team. I have a dream to return in Belchatow, to be a part of black and yellow army again”

What song are you listening these days?

“I’m listening a million songs” laughed Atanasijević and added “I’m mostly listening Serbian singer Ceca and her song “Turbulentno”. She is the best singer “said Bata at the end.

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