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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW FOR WOV: The age of Valentina Diouf

by WoV

“Welcome to the new age, to the new age…” are the lyrics of her favorite song “Radioactive” from Imagine Dragons. And, speaking about Italian volleyball and this interview, that song is quite appropriate. Because, we are entering into age which belongs to her, which belongs to Valentina Diouf.



With Italian craftiness and Senegalese power inherited by her parents, she developed into a mighty volleyball weapon with only 20 years. Valentina plays for Bergamo for three seasons, and has already become the leader of the team. She is at the moment far the best scorer in Italian Championship…

Is the Italian league better than last year?

“It’s like last year, a lot of young players with a lot of desire to grow.”

How would you rate Bergamo’s chances to win Scudeto or the Italian Cup?

It’s definitely a difficult test, but we have good chances, both in Italian championship and Italian cup.”

You are dominating with height in the Italian league, how much that helps you during the games?

My height is not common and it’s a huge advantage for my team, and a problem for opponents which are not accustomed to high players.”

And what about outside the court?

I’m always the highest in company and I’m accustomed of being in the center of attention. It doesn’t bother me.”

What are you doing in your free time?

I read a lot of books. The favorite one is “Il gioco dell’angelo” of Ruiz Zafon.”

We heard about your favorite song and book now, but what about a movie and actor?

My favorite movie is ‘The silence of the lambs’, and my actor – James Franco.”

At the end, can you reveal us yours plans for the future?

My contract with Foppapedretti Bergamo will end in 2015 so I’ll play for them another season. After that I`ll see. I still don`t think about it.”

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