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Volleyball contract template for professional volleyball players

by WoV

Most people think when you play volleyball and get money for it, you are considered a professional volleyball player like major European soccer leagues' players or NBA basketball players are in the USA. In volleyball it's not like that and we'll show you the difference. Today in this new blog we'd like to give you some tips about volleyball contracts. Read also about important parts of the volleyball contract you should pay attention to when signing it.



Like we wrote before in some of our previous blog, in some countries there are a professional leagues with certain standards and in most of the others volleyball is considered as an amateur sport. Weather you start or continue your volleyball career, you’ll find yourself in a situation (in most of the cases) to sign two documents considered volleyball contracts:


1. Volleyball contract in a form of PRIVATE TREAT

2. Official volleyball contract requested by the federation or the league


1. Volleyball contract in a form of PRIVATE TREAT (which you have attached at the end of the article for FREE download) is a private document signed between the player and the official representative of the club. Inside the document, you have all the details about your commitments and benefits. This document in some cases might not represent a 100% valid document (like all private treats), but almost all of the players create a relationship with a club in this way.

2. Official volleyball contract is a form of a professional volleyball agreement between the volleyball player and the volleyball club that is deposited to the volleyball national federation or national volleyball league who organizes that competition. Volleyball federations and volleyball leagues have their forms of the agreement that have to be respected and are filled in with a major part of the information from the PRIVATE TREAT.


We are giving you this template just like an example and do not represent the official contract. Some parts can be deleted, some parts can be modified and also in each specific case, some special requests can be added.

If you don’t play for the national team, you can exclude the part that regards the national team. There are players who have personal sponsors and have liability to them. Other players add some special requests that regard their personal life (shirt number, bigger apartment, size of the car, baby sitter, etc.) or even medical assistance and dentist. Each volleyball player is different and has different requests.

You should also pay attention to the part inside the agreement those stats that you have to play minimum 50% of the games in that competition and that means that even if you are on the bench you can consider that game as played. Another important part is about medical services and that allows you to ask for a second opinion about your health condition just after 7 days. Sometimes that can be very important.

And the last thing: when signing the official volleyball contract requested by the volleyball federation or national league, be 100% sure that ALL inserted information are the same like in private treat!!!


Download Volleyball Contract Template.


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