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You can’t ever say that team depends on only one player. It just isn't fair towards other members of the squad. But, when you lose a star player, major scorer and one of the best opposites in the whole world… Then the results simply suffer.

Sokolov in Trentino


After Tsvetan Sokolov injured left calf on a match against Lube Macerata on 2nd February, Trentino has lost five games in a row (six inluding Lube)! Recent win against Citta Di Castello has stopped that terrible streak, but the fans want a lot more… For the beginning they want HIM to return. So we contacted Sokolov looking for the proper answer… Here is what he said in a exclusive interview for WoV.

First of all, tell us how is your recovery going?

“My recovery is going great. It’s a slow process, but if everything is ok – this week I will start to jump a little and I will try to be ready for the Italian cup (8th March). Physiotherapists here are doing a great job, so I think that soon I will be able to play again and will try to help my team.”

Can Trentino save the season when you come back?

“I think that there is no need for “saving” at all, because Trentino is doing great this season. Everybody is doing their job with heart and every time we try to do our best. We have to think how to play better every match. We are together as a team and that is what matters in our sport.“

Are Juantorena and Kaziyski coming back to Trento?

“I do not know. The time will show.”

Can you imagine yourself playing out of Italy?

“Of course I can imagine that. There are a lot of other countries in which volleyball is on a great level and it will be interesting experience for me. But for now I am focused on this season here, in Italy and there is nothing more important.”

Which is your favorite teammate?

“The greatest thing is that in this team we are all together. We always support each other and that’s why I appreciate everyone in the team. I am happy that I know them, I have the pleasure to play with them and I am friend with them.

Who will win the Final Four of the Champions League?

“I think that one of the two Russian teams have the biggest chances, but let’s not forget that the other teams have proved themselves and have big opportunity, too.  After all, the best will win.” 

Sokolov in Olympics

Sokolov in OG


Who will win Serie A?

“Tough question (laughing). I hope that we will win. But we do not forget that Macerata and Piacenza have great teams and they play very good this season. We will do our best and the time will show how far can we get.”

Which is your favorite football club in Italy?


Can Bulgaria win the World Championship?

“I think we can do very great things. We have young and good team. We need to work a lot, but I think that all of my teammates want to win, so I believe that when you truly want something and give 100% of you – it can happen.”

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