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EXCLUSIVE FOR WOV: “I’m not looking for the club right now” said Rooney

by WoV

USA has qualified for the FIVB World League Final Six in Florence and for the fifth time they will play on the final tournament. This year, they made a big step considering that last year USA was 12th. Read what captain Rooney said about that progress and his career.

Sean Rooney

Sean Rooney

We are really excited about moving to the next phase.” said Sean Rooney, captain of USA after the victory over Serbia.

And yes, that victory was amazing. They played on high level.

“Our team is young but also very exiting team. We have a mixture of experienced and young players and that is a new toning of USA’s volleyball. This is our first big test and we have a chance to be on the podium and we it is a very exciting that we have this opportunity.”

Someone from your team said that USA is afraid of the crowds because many players are not used to play in front of fully packed arena?

“I think that in both match in Serbia the crowds was on the high level. Serbia had a good performance by the crowds and all the time they really support volleyball team. That is what you have to expect when you come to Serbia, they have a very good volleyball team and also the people love volleyball. So that is something that does not need to be afraid. I don’t know whether we were afraid, but I know that we are focused on the match and Serbia played very well. This was elimination game for both teams so we had to come back and we did a great job.”

Last season, Rooney played in South Korea, we asked him, how was it?

It was interesting. They have a different style of volleyball and there is only one foreigner per team. So sometimes you feel little bit lonely, but my team did great job to make me feel like a family and it was very nice experience. I will not change it for anything.”

And, what’s about the next season?

“I don’t have an idea. I have my first baby on way so we occupied with the plans, so I will see for the club little bit later”


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