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Kelly Murphy for WoV: “I’m little nervous about Japan, but happy”

by WoV

World champion Kelly Murphy enjoys celebrating after Milano and slowly has packed her bags for Japan, where she will play in the upcoming season for Ageo Medics.

Kelly Murphy


How does it feel after winning gold medal in Milano?

It definitely feels like all the hard work we’ve been putting in has finally paid off. We talked about doing something that’s never been done before at the beginning of this year. It’s such a great feeling.” said Murphy.

This was your first World Championship, how was it?

It’s been amazing. I think we have a really good group of girls. They made every day just so much fun. It was fun to play with them and work with them. I’m actually kind of sad that it’s over, but it definitely ended the best way possible.”

How is your shoulder?

“I don’t feel it, its fine. Everything is perfect”

What do you expect in the upcoming season in Japan?

I think that Japan will be a great experience. It will be something different from what I’m used to but I’m really excited and looking forward to it.”

But they have different culture; they play different kind of volleyball…

Yes I know, I’m a little bit nervous but I’ve heard good things about the Japanese league. Last summer I was for the first time in Japan, I saw many things, I really enjoyed, so I’m happy”.


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