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Faucette for WoV: Photo shooting for Cannes calendar was fun

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Juliann Faucette is for sure one of the best opposites in the volleyball world. Beside that, she is also nice person and good singer. If you didn't know in 2013 she recorded her first song called “What I Need” with "The Italian Job".

Juliann Faucette


Last week on the day of her 25th birthday (November 25), Juliann played the Champions league match against Partizan Vizura. We grabbed the opportunity to talk with her after the match.

What is the main goal of RC Cannes in the Champions League?

Personally, I think it’s to win. We have goals to win all champions are we in; French league, Cup and also Champions League. We need to be in our best shape, as rivals are very good. Even the team such as Vizura, which is young, is hard to play against. You know, all the opponents have great crowd, big motivation and that is why it’s always great to win.”

And what about National Team, you didn’t play in Italy. What was the main reason?

There are two opposites ahead of me, and coach decided to take two opposites instead of three. You know, I will do everything to keep working and we will see what will happen. I’m focused on Cannes right now and on season I play in order to be better.”

How did you feel when USA took gold in Milano?

I was excited for them. I have some very good friends in the team and I was really happy. So, I felt like I contributed that success. Every day I was there and practiced, pushing other girls ahead and they make me feel like part of the team no matter what, even though I was not there.”

Do you like Cannes?

Yeah, I really like Cannes, it’s a beautiful city and also the team is good, the best team in France and that is an exciting part for me. I think that they really have a good team in which I always wanted to be, but also it carries a big responsibility. I am enjoying so far

Have you also enjoyed while you were making photos for the calendar which is always very sexy?

It was fun. I showed something little more conservative but it was fun. It’s known that Cannes always has a sexy calendar but I feel great because it was different than everything I have done before. We got what to dress, they put makeup on us and that was really fun.

And the day of your wedding will be?

May 16th 2015!


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