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EXCLUSIVE FOR WOV: Jovana Brakočević: “It’s time that someone dethrones Rabita”

by WoV

Jovana Brakočević is back in Turkey. She arrived with her club Azeryol to participate on the Gloria Cup 2015, and she gladly accepted to give an interview to WorldofVolley.




You returned to Turkey for the Gloria Cup and you played against your former team VakifBank. Did that bring old memories back to you?

Well, yes. I remembered the Turkish league and the feeling of the constant travels. I can say that I miss that. In Azerbaijan it is a bit different, as we are all from Baku. Also I recalled good intensive trainings with Giovanni Guidetti. But, everything else is perhaps better in Baku. I am happy to be part of Azeryol.”

Can you compare life in Istanbul and in Baku?

“Everything in Istanbul is great except for that it is really crowded with people. I am not a person who likes all that noise and fuss, I like small towns. That is why I am not crazy about Belgrade either. Nevertheless Istanbul will definitely stay as a good memory for me. On the other hand, there are no so much traffic jams in Baku, and you don’t need much time to arrive at your destination. City center is nice. Generally, there are plenty of nice places to visit in Baku. I like it there really.”

What is your impression about Azerbaijani Championship?

“Well the Azerbaijani league is specific considering there are only 5 teams. The intensity is therefore high, we will play four times with each opponent and it is perhaps a problem because after the first phase we all know each other. All teams brought a lot of foreign players and made very strong rosters. For example in Turkey there are three or four really strong teams, while the others are underdogs. In Azerbaijan everybody can beat everybody.”

But, can someone take over the title from Rabita? Is that goal of Azeryol in this season?

“Yes the goal is winning the domestic title, and I would be very happy if we manage to achieve that. Rabita has been dominating the League for a long period and I think it is time for someone else to take over the crown. Presidents of Azerbaijani clubs realized that they have to invest more so they could confront Rabita. You can see that both Azeryol and Lokomotiv invested a lot to create good teams. And previous results showed that this will indeed be a very interesting season.” 

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