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NEW YEAR’S INTERVIEW: Alen Pajenk – “If I could choose, I would be opposite”

by WoV

He is one of the most talented middle blocker in Europe – yes, he is Alen Pajenk from Jastrzebski.

Alen Pajenk


If you didn’t know last season Alen won bronze medal at CEV DenizBank Champions League with Jastrzebski. This season his club is on the second place of Pool B with two wins and two defeats.

What is your main goal this season in CL?

This season Final Four seems far due to the fact that from the beginning we had problems with injuries. Of course, we want to repeat the success of last year and we will do all necessary to qualify for the Final Four.”

Where would you like to play one day?

“If I could choose I’d gone to Brazil, Turkey or Russia. But it will not happen because I’m middle blocker.”

Why? You don’t like your position?

“My position is ungrateful, to me, just in terms of what we do not have so many options in choosing the club, such as for example have opposites and receivers, but when the game is concerned, each position has its advantages and disadvantages.”

If you could choose whether would still be a middle blocker?

“No, if I could choose, I would be opposite.”

What is the future of the Slovenian National Team?

“Our national team has progressed mostly because of our players who went to play abroad, where they performed well. All that experience gained reflected positively on our team, even increased and our wishes for a better result and, of course, the desire for placement on the upcoming European Championship.

You would like to play with…?

I cannot single out anyone in particular

What about coach?

I had that luck to play in the teams in which were the best coaches as Glenn Hoag, Alberto Giuliani, Lorenzo Bernardi and Roberto Piazza… So besides them I do not know anyone…”

What you wished at midnight 31st?

With Jastrzebski to win the Polish Cup, a good placement in PlusLiga and in Champions League and with National Team to qualify for European Championship.”

And in private life – when will be the wedding?

You must ask my fiancée Milenu (smile).” – (she whispered to us in 2016).


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