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EXCLUSIVE FOR WOV: Bruno Najdič – “The feeling of finals”

by WoV
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Maribor is perhaps the least famous participant of the Gloria Cup, but this club showed that it can be a tough opponent for the top volleyball teams from Europe. The head coach Bruno Najdič made quite a team out of the very young players, and Slovenian side deserves all the respect for the general performance here in Belek.




First thing which we asked Najdič was to tell us a couple of words about the club itself.

“Maribor has a big tradition in volleyball. Our city was among the first ones which introduced this sport to the former Yugoslavia. We have won many trophies in the past, and we continued with the same passion when Slovenia became an independent country. We work with children and we try to produce players. And I think we have chosen a right path. You could have seen on this tournament that we could play with some of the strongest teams from Europe.”

How much does it mean to Maribor to be invited on such a strong tournament as Gloria Cup is?

“First of all it is a very important thing for the club itself, but also for the players who are still very young. We play in European cups every year and there we have strong games, but we still have to improve so we could play on such quality tournaments like Gloria Cup. But, we are honored to be here, and it will certainly help us to prepare for the upcoming Slovenian Cup.”

Maribor will have a big battle against the main rival Calcit Kamnik in all three remaining competitions (Slovenian Cup, Slovenian League, MEVZA). What can fans of the club expect in the rest of the season?

“Maribor has the highest possible goals, but I would not want to say that we have to win everything. Because, it is very difficult. There were seasons where we were winning all trophies, however now I don’t want to put pressure on players. I want that we go into all the finals firstly, as those are special matches. I want them to step on the court in the final game and to know that feeling. That they need to play a good game to become the best.”  

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