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EXCLUSIVE FOR WOV: Ana Starčević, girl with the canon

by WoV

To be completely honest, when Ana Starčević was spiking in our direction the feeling was not that pleasant. The girl with the canon was her nickname in Belek, and perhaps we would dare to say that she had the strongest hit on the Gloria Cup.



But, her skills are not just power and strength. She also plays very smart and was without any doubt the best player of Maribor on this tournament. When we approached Ana and praised her game, a modest response came from the other direction.

“I do not like to comment about my game. I prefer to let others do that. Volleyball is my passion and it is the thing which keeps me motivated every day on court.”

Reveal to the volleyball world where have you been all these years?

This is my second season in Maribor, while before that I spent one season in Calcit Kamnik, so I am already three years in Slovenia.”

Do you plan to stay there after the end of the season?

Honestly, I do not know. Everything is possible. I have to think about my private life too… I would love to play for Maribor for couple of more seasons, but we will see…”

What are your impressions of the Gloria Cup?

“We were honored to be here, because we were among the best European teams. It was very nice, comfortable, organization was excellent and I hope Maribor will be invited the next year as well.”


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