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ITA M: Mastrangelo: I fear only Russia at the Games

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Mastrangelo talked about the Italian team, his career and the upcoming Olympics.


Luigi Mastrangelo

Mastrangelo sees around him a strong Italy with the specific duty to go to London to win the gold in what it calls “the most important sporting event of my life.

I do not fear my opponents, only Russia. Only one team made us feel a step behind, but only slightly. And right behind us were Brazil and Poland, who are playing very well but they seem beatable, even though the last time we lost. We’re there, play to win and we feel we can.

Mastrangelo praises the management of Mauro Berruto. “It’s not easy to form a relationship with a mixed group like this, where there are young players and veterans.”

“He must know how to choose the tone and appropriate words. But above all, Mauro is one who understands the needs of the players, accepts my recommendations on workloads and this helps me a lot. It reminds me of the method of Alberto Giuliani that he used in Cuneo.”

And despite his age he feels good. “If I could not play at top level, I would probably quit. But the fact is that I still feel strong and I can’t even imagine the end of my career. I would like to play for three or four years more, because I still enjoy it a lot. The important thing is to be coached by people like Berruto, who know the difference between an athlete of my age and on of twenty. As long as I work with coaches like that I should have no problems.

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