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TWITTER INTERVIEW: Saitta – “I want to defend title with Paris”

by WoV
source: Photo: parisvolley.com, pallavoliamoarchivio.it

WorldofVolley had enormous pleasure to obtain the consent of Davide Saitta for participating in a Twitter interview which was held on Wednesday, May 11. After French libero Grebennikov and Korean superstar Kim, the setter of sensational champions of the French top division, Paris Volley, was answering live to the questions of our readers. And those questions were highly interesting!



In which Italian team would you like to play and you haven’t played before?

“Modena and Trentino have something that I’d like to discover one day”

Did you and how did you party after winning the title?

“For sure! But I don’t like to celebrate victory with something crazy! With my wife, some friends and family – it’s enough”

Have you been playing as setter your entire career?

“I started to play as setter at age of 17, before that my coach wanted me to learn to play everything”

With which player, Italian and/or foreigner you have bounded more than with other players?

“I played with many foreign players and I can for sure mention Gustavo Endres, Kay van Dijk and others”

How did you like playing at “Foro Italico”?

“It was amazing! I was lucky to have this opportunity, I’m grateful to coach Mauro Berruto for this”




What was the craziest situation connected with volleyball that happened to you?

“Difficult question. I’d need to think a lot about it”

Will you stay in Paris Volley in the next season?

“I have another year of contract with Paris Volley and I want to respect this. I want to defend title”

Did something funny ever happen to you with Italy’s NT?

“A lot of stuff! But everything will remain in my mind!”

Paris have signed three very good players so far. Do you have high ambitions in the CEV Champions League?

“I saw the new good players and I’m happy for Paris because we will have the chance to play on a high level”

What do you miss the most while playing outside Italy?

“Going to Italian cinema with my wife!”

What was the best coach you trained with? Maybe the one who introduced you to the volleyball world?

“Giovanni Bonaccorso ‘discovered’ and formed me!! I will remember him forever! He is my volleyball father”

Who do you prefer to listen – Vasco Rossi, Ligabue or none of them?

“I prefer Ligabue, but I like so much an Italian singer Tiziano Ferro”

A few years ago there was the “Wall of shame” in Paris Volley’s locker room (I guess). Does it still exist?

“Haha, yes, it’s still there! It’s owner Erwan, our physiotherapist, has new underpants every year”

When you go to cinema what is your favorite movie?

“Forrest Gump!”

What was the first word you said after losing a game?

“Can’t say here”

Can you come back here in Molfetta next year? Please convince Giulio Sabbi, too!


Were you scared after terrorist attack in Paris?

“For sure. We stayed 2days in a row locked up in our houses”

Any place in the world that you want to visit?


What was the strangest thing you found in Paris?

“So many sushi restaurants! Everywhere”


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