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NEW YEAR’S INTERVIEW: Kim Yeon Koung – “I’m always grateful to all fans”

by WoV

After competing in two Olympic Games (London and Rio), spending six years in Fenerbahce, winning few MVP awards and titles in the Korean and Japanese V.league, Kim Yeon-Koung is now recognized as one of the world’s top players.

Kim Yeon Koung


In a special New Year’s interview for WorldofVolley, the MVP and the best scorer of the 2012 London Olympics Kim Yeon-Koung speaks about her life in China, fans all over the world who support her, modeling, future of the Korean volleyball… 

Shanghai is currently at the top of the Chinese league. What do you expect until the end of the season and who are your main opponents?

To be honest, I’m surprised by the performances so far this season. As you are aware, my team does not have any current National team players. The excellent combination of talented players and former National team players proved to be the recipe for our success so far. I believe that if we keep up the momentum, it shall carry us to winning the league title. Last year’s champion Jiangsu is the obvious main opponent but Liaoning and Tianjin are also right in the mix to challenge for the title as well.“

Can you describe your life in China to us?

„I’m doing well, especially because of the proximity to Korea which allows many friends and family members to visit me often. Also, all my teammates along with the club personnel treat me very well and are very attentive to facilitate my adaptation. I am very satisfied with living in Shanghai and have adapted well enough that I can get around town on my own.“

You became the model of some products. How do you feel in that role?

I’m a model for various products. I’m enjoying the experience to be part of something aside of volleyball. There is a lot of interest in me from Korea and I’m pleased to do all that I can to facilitate the growth of the volleyball industry.“

Can you compare the Korean, Japanese and Chinese leagues since you played in all of these?

There are some differences, but overall it is a similar Asian style of volleyball which entails solid defense and team play. China has an abundance of players with good physical attributes that can perform strong and powerful spikes. Also, the overall talent pool is very deep. Japan, on the other hand, rely on details with quick and concise plays. Lastly, Korea emphasizes on teamwork and strong serves.“

Who have the best fans – the Pink Spiders, JT Marvelous, Fenerbahce or Shanghai?

That’s a difficult question to answer. All fans are the best for me! I’m always grateful to all fans, their cheers and support are driving engine that inspires the results on the volleyball court.”

Kim in Shanghai


Do you have a plan to return to Europe next season?

I’m not quite sure at the moment. It is still very early to make any decisions and the ongoing season schedule is where I’d like to concentrate on. I will carefully consider my options for the next season.“

After six seasons in Fenerbahce, do you miss Turkey?

Of course I miss Turkey. My life is there. A car, house, and especially all the great friendships during the 6 seasons that gave me so many cherishable memories that come to my mind from time to time.Check her stats from the time when she played for Fenerbahce.

Korea is currently in the 10th position of the FIVB World Ranking – do you think that one day you can be in Top 5?

I honestly think that it will not be easy to accomplish. Currently, many countries are very strong overall but we are constantly striving and giving all our efforts to improve. I think that if we keep up the effort and hard work relentlessly, once we shall reach our goal.

Korea will play in Pool C in the 2018 FIVB World Championship in Japan with the USA, Russia, Thailand, Azerbaijan and Trinidad & Tobago. Can you tell us something about the strength of the pool and what will be the main but realistic goal of your National team?

We have been placed in an extremely difficult pool for the 2018 World Championship. This year’s World Championship is ultimately a great experience and opportunity to see how well we measure against elite competition before the Olympics. We will prepare well to accomplish the dream of earning a medal for the Tokyo Olympics.”

What did you wish for yourself at midnight on December 31st?

I wished for a good health and to perform matches free of injury. I thought I could do it all if I was healthy without any injuries. Finally, I wish a happy New Year to everyone full of happiness and good health“ Kim Yeon-Koung said at the end of an interview for WorldofVolley.


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Great interview of my favorite player. Txn WOV


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