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WoV NEW YEAR’S INTERVIEWS: Kim Yeon Koung – “I was planning to bring boyfriend to Istanbul…”

by WoV
source: Interview by Jiyoung Kim (@gentle0402); Photo by Daesun Kim (@Volleyballjjang)

Just before the departure, we could meet the precious Yellow Angel, Kim Yeon Koung (Fenerbahce) in Incheon International Airport. She’s going back to Istanbul after spending short vacation in Korea. She seems little bit tired but smiles during the interview. Let’s meet her together!




Thank you so much for accepting the interview. Did you have good vacation in Korea?

“Yes, it was great. I haven’t been to Korea for a while, especially on Christmas. I’m so glad I had nice Christmas day with my family in Korea. But it’s quite cold here.” 

Did you eat delicious foods?

“Yes, I did. I ate kimchi stew, spicy steamed chicken, and carp-shaped bread, etc. I ate as much as I could.” (laughs) 

What Korean food do you miss the most?

“There’re lots of Korean food I miss but I miss ‘Tteokbokki’ (rice cakes in hot sauce). Um… It’s not just a rice cake. I mean I really miss ‘Skewered Rice Cake’ (fried rice cake with chili paste). So, my mum packed huge amount of rice cakes for me because it’s hard to find in Istanbul.” 

You’ve joined many games as a national player this year. How do you feel these days? How’s your shoulder?

“I’m fine and my body has been well cared.” 


Lots of players in FB changed. Comparing to the beginning of the season, players of Fenerbahce are working in better harmony. Can you tell us about the team atmosphere?

“It’s so good. Because of wins, Fenerbahce is full of wonderful team atmosphere. I’m definitely sure the team will be better and better. Please keep your eyes on us.” 

You’re almost halfway through the season. Are you pleased with the team’s performance?

“As you know, Fenerbahce is ranked the 2nd in the league. Of course we want to be in the first place. We will keep doing our best in the rest of the season because we all know we must win the match against Vakifbank to reach the top of league. However, I don’t mind if we wouldn’t beat them because playoff games are much more important than regular games. I think Fenerbahce will be the winner if we keep consistently working on it.” 

Your goal is to win the league, isn’t it?


How about MVP?

“I have no idea about that. But I totally want to become the league champion.”   

Finally you finished 81 matches and became Fenerbahce’s Female Foreign Player with the most club appearances. Fans called you the legend of Fenerbahce and superstar. How do you feel?

“Um… Time for a change? (laughs) It’s just a joke. I’m so honored to be the most appearing players in such a big club, and this will just pave the way for my future.”

We saw fans holding huge banners and it was awesome.

“I’m so glad fans prepared lots of things for me that day. We even won the game. It was such a day.”

How do you spend most of your time except volleyball in Turkey? We heard you are enjoying watching Korean dramas.

“I love it.” 

But, your favorite program was over.

“I spend lots of time watching Korean programs. There’s a site that broadcasts Korean programs. So, I normally play programs when I have a meal. These days, I have been watching ‘Infinite Challenge’, ‘Superman Come Back’, especially ‘Live Alone’ because I also live alone just like celebrities in ‘Live Alone’ show. (laughs) I always let something play to get rid of my loneliness.” 




Don’t you go out?

“I do. I go out for shopping or nice food. Sometimes I go sightseeing.”

We are afraid you find it a bore.

“So lonely…” 

Don’t you have anyone like a boyfriend in Turkey?

“I’m trying but it’s much harder than I thought. (laughs) When I talked with my friend on Christmas, I told them I’d bring a good man from Korea to Istanbul. But, I’m going back with my mum.” (laughs) 

Who is your closest foreign player in Fenerbahce?

“It’s Alisha Glass.”

What do ‘fans’ mean to you?

“Is this a question? Um… Is it okay that my answer will be so typical? I deeply thank them so much. They are always there with me when I feel so tough and hard. I really appreciate their love.”



Are many Koreans in Istanbul coming to watch your game?

“Not really these days. But, my manager in Turkey will start to promote more than last season so that many Koreans in Istanbul can visit.” 

The year of 2013 is over. What do you wish for the New Year?

“First of all, being healthy! Health is definitely above everything else. Also I hope I can stay in court for a long time and people around me stay healthy and happy.”

Any words for volleyball fans in the world?

“Thank you so much for supporting me and please keep cheering me up. I promise I will do my best and give you great performance. I know I will be better than ever with your support and love. Keep your eyes on me, please!” 

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Zia August 8, 2016 - 11:23 am

she is very beautiful and talented player and i wanna meet her…..

Roman Lama October 29, 2016 - 10:42 am

I think she is best of best in #WOMEN_VOLLEYBALL.
I always like to read about her bio.
And i think i am the biggest fan of Kim Yeon Koung from Nepal.
I know i cannot meet her bcoz its only can be in dream.


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