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Get ready for “Bring It Promotions” August Tour

by WoV
source: bringitusa.com; Photo: bringitusa.com

This summer Bring It Promotions (BIP) is hosting 42 women and 15 men in Maribor, Slovenia.




BIP started running Men’s Exposure Tours in 1996, while this is the 15th Annual Women’s Exposure Tour. Most players are 21-23 years old and from the USA, where the federation’s release fee is a simple USD$500. Players are college graduates in most cases, with 4 years of experience playing at the university level.

Some players are returning veterans looking for a better job, but most are looking for their first “professional” contract after growing up in the USA where there is no Pro League. Players of all levels are available, so for teams in lower leagues with low or “non-professional” budgets, there can be a solution in this group of young and hungry athletes.  

Women: August 8-17 at DRAS Center in Maribor, Slovenia

Men: August 12-21 at DRAS Center in Maribor, Slovenia 

Foreign coaches are invited to come see the players live (contact Tim Kelly for more information: bringitusa(at)aol(dot)com and organizators are able to host coaches (hotel and meals) for 2-3 nights if there are searching a player. BIP will also LiveStream trainings and matches daily. Details to come on LiveStream on the following page:


9 August: Women’s Inter-squad (42 Players): https://new.livestream.com/accounts/4789101/events/3247556 

Coaches Interested in signing players should contact Nick Ptaschinskibipvolley.nick(at)gmail(dot)com


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