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Current volleyball market situation

by WoV

Is it possible that today's volleyball market is reduced to only few countries?



In men’s volleyball most active clubs are those ones who are going to play CEV Men’s Champions League 2016Asseco Resovia RZESZOW, Zenit KAZAN, BERLIN Recycling Volleys and some Italian clubs (championship finals are still in progress and don’t want to disturb using names). Brazil and Argentina seem far away, not only by distance. Or at least 90% of transfers happen with domestic players.

In women’s volleyball, as always Turkish VakifBank ISTANBUL and Eczacıbaşı Vitra ISTANBUL are creating dream-team squads followed by some Italian and Russian teams. CEV’s decision to reduce the number of direct participants in order to increase the quality looks proportionally to this reality. Brazilian women’s volleyball players exports a lot, very few foreign players are attracted to go there.

As you can see, the number of countries active in this transfer period reduced to Turkey, Italy, Poland, Russia and few other clubs with much lower budgets (Germany, France, Greece). China this year looks like it’s waking up, investing more and more. Japan and South Korea with standard one foreign player per team. Maybe teams from other countries are still waiting to decide about the budget? Or volleyball clubs are trying to make result with less money but working harder? Volleyball agents also have less space for maneuvering, having same number (or more than last season) of players to insert in less clubs. 

The time is passing and the good volleyball players are signing contracts very fast. Like good quality products, they always go first. Positive thing for volleyball is that next year we will also watch really good volleyball matches, especially in Europe…


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