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Official volleyball rules PART 9: Participants – equipment

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A player’s equipment consists of a jersey, shorts, socks (the uniform) and sport shoes.

4.3.1 The colour and the design for the jerseys, shorts and socks must be uniform for the team (except for the Libero). The uniforms must be clean.

4.3.2 The shoes must be light and pliable with rubber or composite soles without heels.

4.3.3 Players’ jerseys must be numbered from 1 to 20. The number must be placed on the jersey at the centre of the front and of the back. The colour and brightness of the numbers must contrast with the colour and brightness of the jerseys. The number must be a minimum of 15 cm in height on the chest, and a minimum of 20 cm in height on the back. The stripe forming the numbers shall be a minimum of 2 cm in width.

4.3.4 The team captain must have on his/her jersey a stripe of 8 x 2 cm underlining the number on the chest.

4.3.5 It is forbidden to wear uniforms of a colour different from that of the other players (except for the Liberos), and/or without official numbers.


The 1st referee may authorize one or more players: 23

4.4.1 to play barefoot;

4.4.2 to change wet or damaged uniforms between sets or after substitution, provided that the colour, design and number of the new uniform(s) are the same;

4.4.3 to play in training suits in cold weather, provided that they are of the same colour and design for the whole team (except for the Liberos) and numbered according to Rule 4.3.3.


4.5.1 It is forbidden to wear objects which may cause injury or give an artificial advantage to the player.

4.5.2 Players may wear glasses or lenses at their own risk.

4.5.3 Compression pads (padded injury protection devices) may be worn for protection or support.

For FIVB, World and Official competitions for seniors, thesedevices must be of the same colour as the corresponding part ofthe uniform.

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