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Alesya Safronova for WoV – “There are a lot of world-class players that make the Turkish league strong and interesting”

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With another season in Turkey behind her, Alesya Safronova would like to stay in this country and to play with the world-class players for one more year.

Alesya Safranova

Alesya Safranova

This is her desire but let’s read about her impressions from the last season and her plans for a new one.

Are you satisfied with your performances in the season 2017/2018?

„I am happy with the personal results because I have not played in the Turkish championship for two years and I wanted to get my name back in this league. I hope I managed to do it.“

Do you think that some things could have been done better?

Every player always has something to improve and I try to take from each coach something new. I guess if we reached the playoffs it would be great, however, we had a young team and we didn’t have much luck…“

Where would you like to continue career?

I would like to continue my career in Turkey. My manager Tunc Afsar is in charge. The Turkish championship is one of the strongest championships at this moment. In Turkey, there are a lot of world-class players that make the league strong and interesting.“

Is there any specific league you would like to play?

Probably the Italian league. I’ve played in many leagues, but in Italy, I’ve never played there. I am hearing about their professional approach and the crazily detailed organization. Their sports complexes are crowded with the fans that create a crazy atmosphere.“

What are your plans for summer 2018?

I would like to spend the summer with my family. But, we have only two or three weeks to rest and then I have national team duties and I have to work again.“

What would be your message for all young volleyball players?

Put the goal in front of you and reach it.“


We have asked Alessya Safronova to reveal some interesting things about herself:

Favorite city: All the cities with the sea.

Favorite quote: Paulo Coelho’s quotes

Favorite book: Psychological books

Favorite TV Show: To be honest, I don’t like watching the TV. I only watch sports or music channels.


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