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ARG M: Boca Juniors without mercy

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In the first match of the Argentina's Serie A1, Boca Juniors didn't have mercy against Pilar.

Boca Juniors

Boca Juniors

Boca has celebrated after only three sets in front 600 spectators. The best scorer in Pilar Volley was the Brazilian opposite Thiago Maciel with 16 points followed by Enrique Laneri who scored 7 points.

On the winning side Brazilian Renato also scored 16 points while Pablo Guzmán stopped on 11 points.

Pilar Volley: Alejandro Araya (1); Thiago Maciel (16); Roosewelt Oliveira (5), Francisco Russo (3); Nicolás Tibaldo (2), Enrique Laneri (7); Tomás Ruiz (libero), Mauro Aguilera, Manuel Terán (1), Edgardo Lioca, Martín Portillo (3), Miguel Liand.

Boca Río Uruguay Seguros: Maximiliano Chirivino (4), Renato Adornelas (16); Pablo Guzmán (11), Lucas Armesto (5); Miguel García (10), Agustín Ramonda (6); Luciano Masimino (libero), Luciano Zornetta (2), Juan Pablo Hatrick.


Game Date/Time Teams Set Result per set Stats Videos
  14. 11. 2014 21:00 Pilar Volley vs Boca Río Uruguay Seguros 0:3 18:25; 26:28; 16:25    
  15. 11. 2014 20:00 Lomas Vóley vs Obras Pocito de San Juan 0:0      
  15. 11. 2014 20:30 UNTREF Voley vs UPCN San Juan Voley 0:0      
  15. 11. 2014 21:00 Personal Bolivar vs Ciudad Vóley 0:0      


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