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BRA W: Support for Fabiana from Kim, Jaqueline, Sheilla, Nalbert…

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source: instagram.com/jaque1212, twitter.com/kimyk10; Photo: prensalibre.com

One of the most popular players in the world, the Korean Kim Yeon-Koung sent the message of support to Brazilian Fabiana, the victim of racial insults last Tuesday. Two of them performed together in the jersey of the Turkish Fenerbahçe Grundig İstanbul in 2011/2012 season.




“I’ve decided to write this to support my dear friend Fabiana. What happened to her, reminded me that racism is still a huge problem. My hope is that people will become more aware of their behavior and treat everyone with respect. In short, I and many fans around the world support you, Fabi, we will always be behind you.” Kim posted on Twitter.

She was not the only world’s famous player to be on the side of the Brazilian national team’s captain. Sheilla, Fabi, Érika, Ana Paula, Nalbert, Jaqueline, Carol Gattaz and Lorena, among others, also sent encouraging messages to her.

“It’s unacceptable to see, read or know these days that there’s still racism, that there are still people who feed with this empty feeling, cold and inexplicable, irrational and intolerant. It’s hard to believe that in the society we live in, someone still judge that someone’s better, more capable, more beautiful, more interesting or more worthy because of their color, religion, sexual orientation or social class are different. How long will we witness this? How long will we put up with such behavior? …Greatness should be an example and racist is, of course, a small person. Fabiana took a very dignified attitude to put that person out and submit it to the police station. He was also banned from attending any event held within the club! Congratulations!” Jaqueline wrote on Instagram.

Through official notices, Fabiana’s team Sesi-SP and Camponesa/Minas Tênis Clube, in whose gymnasium the incident happened, also engaged in the fight against this evil called racism.


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