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Meeting in Rio formalises the change of presidency at the CSV: Rafael Lloreda Currea takes office

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The South American Confederation (CSV) has a new president. Rafael Lloreda Currea has temporarily assumed the Presidency of the CSV at a meeting held at the Events Center Cittá América in Rio de Janeiro. Read latest volleyball news on Worldofvolley.com.

Dr-Ary-S.-Graça F°-Rafael-Lloreda-Currea

Dr Ary S. Graça F°-Rafael Lloreda Currea

The meeting was attended by the vice presidents of the Executive Committee, Judith Rodriguez, Roberto Escobar and Alejandro Bolgeri as well as secretary general Dr Renata Araujo Lopes Blauth. The presidents of the national federations of the CSV were also invited to attend the meeting as guests.

At the meeting, Dr Ary S. Graça F° – who stepped down from his position as president of the CSV to take up the role of FIVB President – appointed Marco Tullio Gomes Teixeira as a temporary replacement of the first vice president of the Executive Committee. The appointments will be ratified at the next CSV Congress in March 2013.

The FIVB President took the opportunity to ask the presidents of the National Federations to submit projects aimed at developing volleyball in their countries, similar to what was done by President Lennox Shuffler of Guyana during the event. Dr Graça reaffirmed the FIVB’s financial support to countries in development. He also announced, that due its geographical proximity, Guyana will participate in all South American Youth tournaments, competitions held in the states of northern Brazil and the southern countries of NORCECA.

“My intention is to implement the new FIVB system to aid countries most in need, especially those who need to travel great distances to compete, as in the example of Guyana. Italy will develop volleyball in North African countries, Poland will help its neighbours, Japan would handle Oceania, and Qatar would handle Afghanistan, Pakistan and other Middle Eastern countries. The exchange is essential. It is unacceptable to have 163 countries that are in development category level 1 and only five at level 5, the most advanced. The FIVB money goes to those who are most in need and they will have the logistical support of their more developed neighbours,” he explained.

Dr Graça set a goal for each country: Paraguay has to organise competitions and Bolivia has to host beach tournaments. Peru needs to invest in men’s volleyball and beach volleyball and Argentina must do the same in women’s beach volleyball. Uruguay should continue to focus on beach volleyball and Venezuela, a very important country in South America, must focus on women.”

The new CSV president Rafael Lloreda Currea ended the meeting by citing the CSV’s strengthening unity and quality in South American volleyball: “My position will always be to reconcile. I will listen to everyone. We will identify our problems and work together, as friends. The achievements of my administration will be everyone’s achievements,” said Lloreda Currea.

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