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CEV Presidential Elections: Former Volleyball National Team Player Roko Sikirić is a Candidate for the New President of the European Volleyball Confederation

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Frane Zanic (Croatian Volleyball Federation President) and Roko Sikiric ( Candidate for the New President of the European Volleyball Confederation) – Photo: CVF


Roko Sikirić

A press conference was held in Zagreb today to introduce the Croatian candidate Roko Sikirić for the presidency of the European Volleyball Confederation (CEV). The conference was held under the patronage of the Croatian Volleyball Federation, the Ministry of Tourism and Sports, and the Croatian Olympic Committee.

Former Croatian national team player Roko Sikirić is one of the main candidates for the presidency of CEV, which will elect new leadership this August.

“It is a great honor and responsibility to represent 56 member states, thousands of clubs, and players under this organization. Coming from a small country, yet with significant chances of winning. My advantage lies in having experienced all roles: I’ve been a player, a director in one of the biggest clubs, and also worked at CEV as the Head of Volleyball. Since I’m coming from a small country, I can balance between the power of the large and the small. Seeing the dissatisfaction growing within volleyball circles and the potential European volleyball holds, I openly expressed my candidacy and received great support from many countries,” emphasizes Roko Sikirić, whose campaign slogan is #Vote4Volleyball.

This 42-year-old Croatian and former volleyball player has 89 appearances for the Croatian national team. He has won numerous national and international trophies during his managerial tenure in Berlin. Additionally, he has successfully organized major club and national team competitions under the auspices of the CEV, leaving a profound mark on the European volleyball world.

“I am committed and eager to convey my more than thirty years of experience and knowledge to initiatives that will shape the trajectory of our beloved sport in the coming years. I plan to do that be implementing and upholding good governance practices that are efficient and transparent. I aim to take steps that will support inclusivity, innovations, and growth. And I am determined to do all that while creating opportunities for women in volleyball at all levels, from coaching to leadership roles, cultivating an environment that values and empowers them. Accountability and sustainability will be two of the pillars on which we can build a robust and responsible organization that will serve the needs of all its members.

I will vigorously support initiatives that bring fresh ideas and technologies to the forefront, ensuring that European Volleyball remains dynamic, exciting, and relevant in an ever-evolving global sports landscape. I will work tirelessly to implement projects that nurture grassroots, provide access to resources, and ensure that every National Federation, regardless of size, has the tools and platform to develop its volleyball community”, says Roko Sikirić.

Roko Sikirić has the full support of the Croatian Volleyball Federation, and their president emphasizes that Roko is the right choice for this position.

“Roko Sikirić’s candidacy is a great obligation and honor for such a small federation. Numerous countries and partners have stood by us, such as Slovenia and Serbia, who have enthusiastically embraced this idea. There are also many other countries on our side. Roko is a man who has gone through all the steps in volleyball, from player to director to manager of CEV’s major sports events. I believe he can elevate volleyball to an even higher level, both in Europe and worldwide. He comes with knowledge, experience, and understanding of the system, which is a big plus, and I believe other countries will recognize it. Through this candidacy, Croatian volleyball has shown that it is a serious and stable partner, and that we will achieve our goals in a very short period. The Croatian Volleyball Federation will thus become the first federation to push its candidate for the presidency of such a large confederation,” concludes Frane Žanić, president of the Croatian Volleyball Federation.

All information regarding Roko’s campaign as well as his program can be found on rokosikiric.eu.

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