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These are the changes for World League and Grand Prix 2018

by WoV
source: rsport.ru

The secretary general of the Russian Volleyball federation Alexander Yaremenko has revealed some details of the new FIVB World League and FIVB Grand Prix format.



In the next season, the FIVB World League and FIVB Grand Prix will be held in a completely new format and will have a new name. The tournaments will be called the New Volleyball League. Each tournament will feature 16 teams. At the preliminary stage, there will be 15 games – the team will meet each other once. Each team will participate in five weekends. There will be four teams during the weekend, that rule won’t be changed. Also, there will be Final Six as well,” explains Yaremenko.

The new format of the competition is interesting. For us, it is easier if there is an expanded format of the tournament. That means, we can use not only 17 but 22-24 players and the competition will become more interesting. It will be possible to include new young players and make plans for major European and World tournaments,” says Yaremenko.

Thus, he became the first official of any volleyball federation in the world to confirm media revelations on the changes in the World League and Grand Prix.

It is certain that the first season of the World League and Grand Prix will bring some excitement. On the other hand, we are wondering for how long the excitement will last?

Do you like the new format of these two competitions? What would you change if you were in charge?


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synlerak August 3, 2017 - 10:11 am

We know already that this will be a certain change in group 1 but what about the other groups? Will there still be other groups? What about the teams, is it still the case that teams based on positive results (Belgium and Slovenia) won’t be present in group 1 and rich countries (Australia, China, Japan and Germany) will? Is there an unfair protection system where traditional powerhouses won’t ever run the risk of falling out of group 1 and ‘newer’ countries will, even if they all ended up above the powerhouses?

Explain us this FIVB and maybe then give us a reason why you see this as a fair change with the mentioning of the disadvantaged countries and explain them why their hard work and fair results don’t mean anything towards these richer countries.

Washer August 3, 2017 - 11:16 am

FIVB better get ready. Slovenia are going to sue them (if that article from WoV was true)

synlerak August 3, 2017 - 11:53 am

Re: @Washer
Slovenia’s volleyball federation is not big, powerfull or influencive enough to make a significant impact on a gaint like the FIVB all the smaller disadvantaged federations including the Belgian and the Dutch (because they had to play F4 of group 2 while already knowing that the endresult might not give any credit in the future like promovation) should put combined in calling out the FIVB.


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